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T.I & Busta Rhymes Talks About Bob Marley and Killer

T.I & Busta Rhymes Talks About Bob Marley and Killer
It been a swirling although wasn't clear enough that Cia has some legs on Bob Marley death. Some people still getting it that difficult to accept what seem to a false report that came across since Bob was nabbed to death. Marley depart from earth to unknown place during the year the 1918 of course on May 11. It said that he died on cancer but some onlookers still believes that's not the main fact to justify how the Reggae man was killed.

Bob Marley death has received some nagging to the concurrency and many of those claims never put a stop on Bob M death. Cia was on the bad side after Bob Marley was put down just as many of claimers said. Now there was another trending news that tap on Cia and Marley and this time T.I and Busta Rhymes are reemphasizing on death topic. TIP took to his social, dragging more attention with his new post on Instagram.

Following what he shared online, it was the post which has been on steaming without turning for several years. He's new post shows a seem it directing going for Cia although the is a post published online which he reignite again. Reading the post, Cia admitted that he murdered Bob Marley. What T.I.P shared looks like it proving that Cia has killed many people and Marley wasn't the first but among the 17 personals Cia put to deathbed.

We a rumour surface, many ignore but not just that is gone but it has leave a remark to a particular something that what exactly T.I is trying to tell us. He pop up the rumour that once hits online but he never condemn any body nor Cia but what he shared reminds us to consider the rumour may be to run a check on it again.

The official death news didn't surface on amhiphop but T.I and Busta Rhymes has recall this.Check the instagram post from them with the same topic.

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