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Nicki & Cardi Picks consensus On Twitter and Instagram: Let's Keep it Positive

Nicki & Cardi Picks consensus On Twitter and Instagram: Let's Keep it Positive
Finally the female rival has confer themselves a consensus but don't get it in the brain that they are cool. Cardi b might have faced a frictional encounter with Nicki which she made categorically that the Queen rapper is using some advantage against her such that she tell some male artist not to collaborate with her Invasion of Privacy album.

While their altercation leap out more hidden secret, Bardi has disclosed a lot about her social brawl of course with Nicki Minaj. Everything seem getting tougher after the young money female rapper dropped her album which serves as her fourth project

Well, the Invasion of Privacy and Queen albums clang as Clash of the Titans and fans are happily founding fondness over their business beef. Is a whole lot of hogwash from Cardi b and Nicki Minaj and today they went on Instagram to stay focus. Nick is sick and tired of this career misdemeanor with her longer term rival Cardi b.

As for the Chun Li rapper looks like the beef is getting of the line just since 21 savage tap in the Off and On feud.  Young Money female rapper took to her twitter to slam the current fired with Cardi b.What she posted on twitter shows that Nicki Minaj is no longer comfortable with Cardi b feud.

She wants to focus on positive and forgot about the nonsense. She also feels that the beef quite entertaining and also funny as she posted on twitter. The post gets to Cardi b of not Nicki Minaj fans are reading the twitted stuff from the Nicki but Cardi b interestingly screenshot Nicki minaj post and post it on her own Instagram account with the caption @Nicki Minaj alright then! Let's keep it positive and keep it pushing.


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