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Cardi b Finally Get Feat. On New Song "Backin' It Up"

Cardi b Backin' It Up
The altercation,the brawl,fight and diss with Nicki Minaj have no impact after the condemnation both slam on each. However we are not surprise to see Cardi the Bardi move on after his encounter with Nicki Minaj during the NY FASHION WEEK. Since that NY fashion week fight the internet then turned into a verbally expression in between Cardi and Nicki as they use the platform to express and address the misdemeanor. 

Cardi has repeatedly admit that Nicki Minaj threaten artists people not to collab. with her although that is not the major fact she fought Nicki Minaj with her Red color shoe but also disclosed that Nicki drag her baby in to their beef which the Chun Li who we know as Young Money female rapper indeed denied that.Since that so, Cardi b has not show in any single but thankfully,she got Pardison Fontaine for "Backin' It Up".

Bring back one of his hit song called Be careful,the song was slam and regarded as ghostwriter material which was written by a third-part after shown that the song was credited to  Pardison Fontaine. Cardi b and Pardison Fontaine didn't start today of course they have work things out during the year 2015.

Cardi the Bardi was happy to collaborate with her friend and she the made Intagram a special place to show the world how long her relationship with Pardison Fontaine has been. Watching the clip below you will see her on excited explaining the their relationship since past years.
Without much emphasis,Cardi be has share a new song with her friend and is all about Backin Up as for the title. This has given her more chance to carry on with her career ? and never think default.You can stream the song below and share.

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